Wellness And Mindset In Motherhood

Wellness And Mindset In Motherhood

In this episode we speak with Sue McCarroll, owner of Opal Wellness Studio and Health Coach. Sue starts with sharing a personal story about how suffering from severe migraines sparked her interest in adopting a holistic lifestyle. 

Some days or even months can feel as if you are burning candles at both ends but Sue reminds us that we need to listen to our body before something bad happens. Sue also reminds us that moving helps with stress because you’re burning off the stress hormones. So we have to remember that while slowing down and resting is also great, being active and finding a physical challenge can also lead to a less stressful environment. 

ep 23

What We Covered:

  • Listening to your body
  • Pilates vs Yoga
  • Alternative to traditional mediation called Tapping
  • How pilates is for everyone
ep 23

Meet Sue McCarroll

Sue McCarroll, owner of Opal Wellness Studio & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, where she serves clients as a Pilates Instructor and Community Organizer. Sue’s mission is to make total wellness achievable for moms. Sue has always been tied to physical activity and coaching with a background in professional dance and dance instruction.

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