Transforming Your Ancestral Karmic Baggage

Transforming Your Ancestral Karmic Baggage

Welcome! Today we speak to generational kahuna wisdom keeper, Janese Recolan. In this episode Janese uncovers how she helps other women to transform their ancestral karmic baggage from their families using her ancestral clean-up method. She believes as a mother you can have a balanced and harmonious life with ease by transforming the pressure of your family's limitations. 

Janese shares how she unlocks integrating the spirit in the body by clearing the pain, trauma and limits so that you can connect to your female creative energy with ease and confidence.

Janese Recolan

What We Covered:

  • What is Clairvoyance and how it can be learned.
  • How you can transform old learned patterns by working on your own energy.
  • The difference between working on your own energy and what happens to you vs something that happens outside of you.
  • How energetic healing and clairvoyance goes hand-in-hand.
  • Tips for connecting with your spirituality.
  • We pick up our families beliefs and these can impact our lives, and our wellness. 
  • We can transform old learned patterns by working on your own energy.

Pro Tip: If you’re able to tap into yourself, correct and realign yourself to what is it that you want to create

Janese Recolan

Meet Janese Recolan

Janese Recolan is a mother to a 24- year old son and a generational kahuna wisdom keeper. Kahuna in her culture is a priestess/priest, healers who have access to ancient wisdom. She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with her family and cat where she trained and taught using clairvoyance and other healing modalities to transform her ancestral karmic baggage.

When she isn't spending time with her family, friends or doing energy work; she enjoys nature, exploring other healing modalities, traveling, food and attending local social events.

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