The Benefits of Massage Therapy

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Mama this episode is your permission slip to book your next massage. Today we are talking to Kube Yuen about the health benefits of massage. Kube is a Registered Massage Therapist in Toronto. In this episode, you’ll learn the differences between popular massages like Swedish, Thai, and Deep Tissue. We chat about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, the changes these experiences have on our bodies, and how massage can have a deep impact upon our health and wellness. 

Have you been craving a massage? After listening to this episode of The Mamaverse Podcast, it’s no wonder why! Massage has the power to promote healing by increasing circulation in our bodies. As busy mothers, we might not be getting the proper amount of exercise, care, or have the time and energy we need to invest in our own wellness. Kube talks us through how taking the time to get a massage can have a dramatically positive impact in a short amount of time.

Kube Yuen

What We Covered:

  • The basics of massage and the impact it has on our healing.
  • The difference between treatment and relaxation massages.
  • When to seek massage as a mother. 
  • The benefits of massages during pregnancy and postpartum. 
  • Different types of massages and their unique benefits.
  • Exercising and benefits of massage during pregnancy. 
  • The impact of massage during postpartum.
  • How Hydrotherapy can help with breast congestion and/or mastitis.
Kube Yuen

Meet Kube Yuen

Kube Yuen is Registered massage therapist located downtown Toronto specializing in Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, fascial stretch therapy. 

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