Money Mindset and Clearing Blockers

Money Mindset and Clearing Blockers

This episode Suzannah Butcher dives into her speciality, money. Suzannah is an award winning Money Mindset Coach with over 14 years of experience running online businesses. Past traumas, childhood habits impacted Suzannah’s current money mindset, as they do for many mothers. In this episode, Suzannah talks us through ​​common challenges around money mindset: self-worth, comparison to others.

Our feelings of rejection, humiliation, or shame can often stem from childhood, and in some way manifest in our business and our personal lives. These experiences and emotions impact the way we make and manage our money. As mothers we want to be able to provide a stable and secure life for our children, while modeling successful money management practices. With Suzannah’s help, we can.

Suzannah Butcher

What We Covered:

  • Why it’s important to observe money habits 
  • Tips for women who avoid money topics.
  • How to key into your current thoughts and feelings about money and explore how they might be linked to your childhood.
  • How to observe your partner’s relationship with money and what impact that might have on you and your family. 
  • What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping.
  • How moms can use gratitude and manifesting to change their relationship with money and their situation in life.
Suzannah Butcher

Meet Suzannah Butcher

Suzannah Butcher is an award winning Money Mindset Coach with over 14 years’ experience of running online businesses. Suzannah works with female entrepreneurs who lack confidence when it comes to money and realizing their worthiness. She lives in Devon, UK with her husband and two children.

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