Manifesting Your Dream Life

Manifesting Your Dream Life

Welcome to the Mamaverse Podcast! This week is all about manifestation! We invited Master Mindset and Manifestation Coach Alexis Amato to share her tips and tricks on the Podcast. In this episode, Alexis guides us from her start, through becoming a manifestation and mindset coach, and much more! 

If you’ve ever had a dream or idea but struggled with seeing that dream become a reality, then this episode is for you. Together we talk through different barriers and blockers that may delay your manifestation goals, and what you need to overcome them. After listening to this episode, you’ll be armed with tools to help you accelerate executing your goals.

What We Covered:

  • The basics of manifesting: What is it, who it helps, etc.
  • Tips to start practicing manifestation today.
  • How negative thoughts can manifest into reality and the impact they can have.
  • How important it is to make sure you’re careful with what you allow in your life.

Pro Tip: If you have a dream/idea you want to come to life, start being and living as if you are that person who has that dream already. You will start to find things in your life aligning to make that dream turn into a reality.

Pro Tip: To deal with time pressure when manifesting is to let go of the how and when. You have to be comfortable with the dream you are manifesting to come true in its own way and not in a set timeframe.

Meet Alexis Amato 

Alexis is a Manifestation and Master Mindset Coach focusing on women business owners or women who want to Up level their life and success. Her goal is to empower women to step out of the box and reach for goals that may seem challenging by shifting their BS, limiting beliefs! 

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