Living Life Pain Free

Living Life Pain Free

In this episode of The Mamaverse Podcast we are diving into the topic of pain and its relation to our overall health and wellness with pain specialist, Robert Hull. Robert wasn’t always super keyed into his health. His education started when he lost 100 pounds in a year and wanted to inspire others to be able to reclaim their health. 

Robert uses a pain assessment process which includes flexibility and mobility, sleep, and stress, and diet. Stress is a major part of this audit as it can create an additional load on our central nervous system impacting our overall health and bringing out pain. Often our modern medical system is reactive vs. proactive. Without finding a concrete cause of pain, patients can be left with no treatment plan or foreseeable way to alleviate their pain.

Quote from Robert Hull on The Mamaverse Podcast

What We Covered:

  • Movement is medicine: There are preventative measures you can take when it comes to experiencing pain in your body
  • It is common for people to have an imbalance of strength, flexibility, and even mobility. A discrepancy greater than 10% can actually cause pain.
  • Sometimes, we seek concrete causes as the root of our pain, and when initial assessments don’t diagnose the pain we turn to MRI or other imaging techniques. 
  • Imaging can be more mentally harmful for people than helpful, especially when the cause of pain is stress related and not tied to a direct injury visible in imaging.
  • The Medical Community might over diagnose the pain seeking a treatment such as surgery to cure the pain, when noninvasive exercise, flexibility training, and stress reduction can make a major impact. 

Tip to start addressing pain:

  • Stress audit
  • Start movement

Podcast Episode: Living Life Pain Free


Meet Robert Hull

Pain Specialist Trainer who helps frustrated men and women who think they’ve tried everything live pain free lives. Robert is a gym owner, experienced physical trainer, and has used his knowledge and experience to heal his own pain. Robert’s training includes tools such as breath work and toning the central nervous system as a means of treating the source of pain in the human body.

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