The Impact Of Investing In Your Physical Wellness

The Mamaverse Podcast Guest Paul Antonelli on Physical Health and Wellness

We’re back with another episode of The Mamaverse Podcast! In this episode of the podcast, we cover being bullied, raised by a single mom, and the impact of physical wellness can have on someone. Paul Antonelli shares his personal story of finding confidence in himself through physical fitness. Together we dive into how important it is to model physical fitness and wellness to inspire these for our children.

Parents are able to model healthy behaviors and lifestyles.  Some parents go to great lengths to involve their kids in sports, or healthy lifestyles, but don’t model or live these lifestyles themselves. Listen to the podcast episode, as we dive into advice on how to find the right trainer or coach, why it’s important to work out especially for our children, and more.


Quote from Paul Antonelli on The Mamaverse Podcast

What We Covered:

  • Paul started working at 15 and was able to start training as a martial arts student.
  • We’ll explain the difference between exercise physiology and personal trainers. 
  • Exercise physiologists require a four year degree from an accredited university, passing an exam from the American College of Sports Medicine accreditation, and then it requires continuing education yearly. 
  • With this certification, Paul maintains an advanced scope of practice, and areas where he is required to hand off the work or the client to someone with different training.
  • Be intentional by carving out time for yourself whether it's a hobby, fitness, or just meditating.
  • Women tend to seek more educational information, ask questions, and take feedback more productively when it comes to training and coaching.
  • Women are generally more in tune with their physical bodies and wellness than male counterparts. 
  • The five leading causes of death over 45 are obesity related.

Tips for finding the right personal trainer for you:

  • Ask for recommendations from friends and family.
  • Inquire about their training and their certifications (ACSM or NASM).
  • See who their current clientele is: are there people who look like you?
  • Inquire if there are other women being trained.
  • Are there a good number of people on their way to being more fit?
  • The exercise needs to be sustainable.
  • The intensity needs to be right for you.
Podcast Episode: Investing in Your Physical Wellness Impacts Your Children

Meet Paul Antonelli

Paul Antonelli is a certified physical trainer and strike coach. Paul is a trained exercise physiologist via his schooling through the American College of Sports Medicine. He also spends time commentating on and judging fights, hosts a podcast, and runs his own YouTube channel. 

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