How To Fix Mom Posture

How To Fix Mom Posture

Have you ever heard or dealt with Mom Posture? Courtney McManus,  a movement specialist, is here to bring awareness and talk through how you can correct Mom Posture. 

As we chat in this episode Courtney talks about the importance of movement and exercise - she even gets into stroller fitness! What we’ve discovered from this episode is breathing exercises are equally as important as traditional exercise to relieve stress and anxiety. Stick around to hear more! 

ep 30

What We Covered:

  • What Mom Posture is
  • Corrective exercising
  • Stroller fitness
  • Proper breathing exercises to help with anxiety
ep 30

Meet Courtney McManus

Courtney is a Movement Specialist who helps busy moms move more while focusing on posture and breathing to help ease anxiety.

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