How To Balance Work and Life

How To Balance Work and Life

In our last episode of the season, we chat with Tara Elzingre, career and life coach, about how to make the work-life balance transition with your partner more enjoyable. Work-life balance can be different to achieve, especially if you’re working from home where the lines are so blurred. Tara shares helpful tools from work-life sway to time chunking in order to help us overcome these hurdles.

Tara also dives into the ever changing roles as parents and how those lines are blending more and more. This is a great episode, loaded with information and advice on how you can share the workload with your partner and adopt better separation between work and your personal life.

ep 34

What We Covered:

  • Rapidly changing roles of a parent
  • Sharing the workload with your partner
  • Time Chunking
  • Work-Life Sway
ep 34

Meet Tara Elzingre

Tara is a career & life coach who helps moms and dads balance work and life with more fun and in less time. 

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