Hormone & Gut Health

Hormone & Gut Health

Welcome Sheree Beaumont to The Mamaverse Podcast! Sheree started her wellness journey when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition at just 22 months old! Later in life, Sheree experienced burnout attending university and working full time. She was exhausted and couldn’t get a handle on her health and wellness. To find answers, Sheree began exploring holistic and functional medicine.

Like so many of us, Sheree had been taking an oral contraceptive from a young age. Little did she know the impact that this little pill would have on her overall health and wellness. Through her health journey, Sheree began uncovering the impact of hormones, and their link to our gut, on our overall health and wellness.

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What We Covered:

  • Women struggle the most when it comes to hormones and gut health.
  • Many women are unaware of the effects stress has on our body, how stress drives burnout. Moms are trying to do it all between careers and raising a family, and living in a constant state of stress. 
  • Exercise is a form of stress, but a good stress.
  • Inflammatory foods: Gluten, Caffeine, Dairy, and Sugar. These inflammatory foods cause stress on your body.
  • We are in an obesity crisis: Gluten concentration has increased by 4 times. One slice of toast now actually equals 4 slices of toast. When added up, this can cause a massive inflammation response in the body. 
  • Gut health is connected with hormones: All disease begins in the gut.
  • Sit down with your child and teach them to chew their food until it is liquified.
  • Women of reproductive age should not be practicing intermittent fasting. Fasting research was done on men
  • If you don’t feed your body, it produces more cortisol, holds on to extra weight, and dysregulates your hormonal cycle because your body thinks it’s starving.
Podcast Episode: Hormone and Gut Health

Meet Sheree

As a holistic nutritionist, life and wellness coach Sheree empowers women to transform their lives, to understand their bodies, and feel their best from the inside out! She is incredibly passionate about holistic well-being, looking at the whole picture when it comes to health, and believes there is not a one-size fits all approach to wellness for moms.

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