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Launching The Mamaverse Podcast! Welcome to the Interactive Self-Care Experience for Moms

Welcome to the very first episode of The Mamaverse Podcast! The Mamaverse is an interactive, online health and wellness community for moms.

Our mission is to make mamas feel valued and appreciated, through a fun online community experience that fosters compassion and collaboration.

In the podcast and app, we bring experts in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness to talk about how moms can improve their overall health in their daily life. 

The Mamaverse is brought to you by BeauGen, the inventor or the original and patent pending Breast Pump Cushions. Originally we published this podcast as the BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast, but now are rebranding and relaunching it here on The Mamaverse. Much of the content we brought to our listeners under the original Express Yourself title benefited all moms, not just those who are in the breastfeeding stages of their journey. So now we will continue bringing more wellness and self-care content to our audience.

You can find previous episodes of The BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast here.

The Mamaverse Launches the brand new podcast!

What You Can Expect From The Mamaverse Podcast: 

We are so excited to launch this interactive experience for moms along with The Mamaverse Podcast. We’re bringing in guest experts from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness to talk about how moms can improve their overall health in their daily life. Between the podcast and the interactive app, we are creating the ultimate self-care experience for moms.

What We Covered: 

  • The Mamaverse is focused on wellness of moms from postpartum and beyond.
  • We’re offering more topics than before. 
  • Excited to bring new fresh perspective on wellness content to help busy moms.
  • Download The Mamaverse App.
  • Select and complete wellness activities, earn points, and unlock rewards exclusive to the community.
  • Your self-care is just as important as taking care of your family.
  • Do the things you need to fill up your cup so you can show up in overflow of love, energy, and support for your family, friends, etc.
  • Safe supportive space for parents to give themselves permission to choose themselves for their own health and wellness. 

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