Empowering Femme

The Mamaverse Podcast Episode with Adriana Correa: Empowering Your Inner Femme

This episode is beautiful and one you won’t want to miss Mama! Adriana is a spiritual empowerment coach focusing on empowering femme through self discovery and self care. She wants us all as mothers to be able to find the voice within. In order to do this, we must go inwards and rediscover ourselves, our power, and our light. Adriana explains that through this inner work, we can bring all of our gifts out into the world.

After a personal struggle with divorce, Adriana began her journey into spirituality as a means to personally heal. Her journey began with meditation, a return to a more natural diet, and tracking her moods. Over the next seven years Adriana continued her journey, uncovering tools and systems that help busy and overwhelmed moms regain their power.

Quote from Adriana Correa on The Mamaverse Podcast

What We Covered:

  • How to use tools like meditation, astrology, moon cycle, chakra alignment, and human design to gain more understanding about yourself to become more attuned and empowered with your life decisions.
  • Learning what your energy source is, can help inform what type of job and relationship you can be in.
  • Start with your Self, your wisdom. All of the answers are within you, you just need to quiet the mind to access them.
  • Learning how to become aware of how situations make you feel, and how each relates to your chakra alignment. 
  • Be in your power so outside factors don’t knock you off your center. This transforms you from being reactionary to situations, to being more in control of yourself. It gives you the ability to stand in your power.
  • We are an expression of the universe. 
  • The first step a mom can take towards spirituality is to start with her breath. 
  • A mom’s challenge is making time for themselves. You can’t pour from an empty cup.
Podcast Episode: Empowering Femme

Meet Adriana

Adriana is a Spiritual Coach focusing on empowering women through self discovery. She guides people to go within and remember who they are through human design, chakra alignment, and self care.


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